Instilling team spirit to achieved goal and accomplishments together as one. Lifomax Woodbuild Sdn Bhd strongly believe in empowerment-to energized and inspire people to be the best they can be. This notion also reflects Lifomax Woodbuild Sdn Bhd management style to be proficient, innovation, high standard and preference.

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Management Team

Managing Director – Mr. Lim Tau Fong

Has charted more than 12 years experience in the manufacturing sector. Armed with a Diploma in Electrical and Engineering from University of Nottingham, UK. Mr. Lim acquired valuable technical and engineering expertise in the semi conductor at the beginning of his career. From chip Mr. Lim moved on to a building material supplier company, in where he gained hand-on experience in every facet of the booming construction and property development.

Executive Director – Ms May Lee Mee Yin

Holds an external diploma in marketing from Curtin University, Australia, and has chalked up more than 18 years of sales & marketing experience. Although, Ms Lee began her career in management secretarial armed with a secretarial diploma, she then switched to sales & marketing and swiftly climbed the ladder from manager to director. To date, Ms Lee has honed her selling skill in the challenging field into a building material supplier company which marketing and selling product and services to a diverse range of clients. Her intensive knowledge and experience, coupled with her potent PR skill, has helped Ms Lee build an invaluable network of contacts in this competitive arena.

Business Development Manager – Mr. Joelton Ong Ying Kit

Mr. Joelton Ong is primarily in charging for all phase of business activities in his assignated business territories, which included aligning the company marketing strategy in liaison with both macro & macro business environment. Mr. Joelton holds a Highest Diploma in Electronic & Electrical awarded by Polytechnic Ungku Omar in Ipoh, and a Professional Certificate in Electrical from Polytechnic Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Mr. Joelton Ong was entrusted by company to overseeing the performance of 3 Business Development Executive. Mr. Joelton Ong has more than 6 years experience in Building material Industry.

Business Development Manager – Mr. Wyman Leo Wei Wen

Mr. Wyman Leo was entrust by the company in overseeing the sales performance of centre region, whose job specification including maximizing the sales target, profitability and the effective implementation of marketing strategy in his assigned territories. Mr. Wyman Leo hold a Degree in Finance & Information System from University of Queensland, Australia, year 2002, and highest Diploma in Accounting from HELP University College in Year 2000. He has more than 5 solid years of experience in building material industry and 2 years experience as Senior Banker in Standard Charted Bank Trade Finance Division. He is now supervising a total of 2 Business Development Executive entrusted by company.

Business Development Manager – Mr. Low Swee Soon

In order to retain the competitive advantages, Lifomax had decided to diversify the business unit to architectural product- Aluminium Composite Panel its’ own brand – LifoPanel. Lifomax with the 10 years experience of construction material field, Mr. SS Low held as B.A. Hon(s) in Marketing, University of Abertay Dundee, U.K, is appointed to develop the brand promotion of LifoPanel which is including creation of brand awareness, penetration of market, marketing strategy and tactic. Besides that, he is also been responsible for achieving of the sales target, profit maximization, and the technical support of Aluminium Composite Panel. He is been assigned to oversee the Centre and Southern Region of peninsular Malaysia market.

Business Development Manager – Mr. Tony Oon Fu Kiang

Mr. Tony Oon, who is the Electrical Engineering Diploma holder of Penang Skill Development Center is taking-over the Northern and East-coast Region for the new developed product- Aluminium Composite Panel. Mr. Tony Oon has more than 5 years of working experience for architectural product. He is specialized in planning, organizing implementation, and performing of management and marketing strategy. Achieving sales target, instant feedback of customer comment, fully technical support, profit maximization are the key duty and responsibility of Mr. Tony Oon.