About Us


Endeavour in delivered & providing superb quality building material

Recognition as one of the industry premier building material supplier, with a growing reputation for versatility, efficiency and impeccable professionalism, in the short period since inception, Lifomax Woodbuild Sdn Bhd has become to embody the true meaning of its name: THE QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS SUPPLIER. This was believed is not by chance; rather it is the natural consequence of hard work, initiative and uncompressing commitment to the ever highest standard of customer service, client satisfaction and product development.

Lifomax Woodbuild Sdn Bhd is building a sound reputation as a trusted supplier for building materials. As a specialist building material supplier, we supply all type of quality value-added wood product such as plywood, flooring, joint, doors, windows and handrails. At the same time, we also stock a wide range of other general building material, such as brick, aluminum foil, Rockwool, BRC, Steel Bar, cement, piles, ironmongery, louvers, ceramic & homogeneous tiles, paver, pipes and sanitary wares.

Our quality product, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery have made us a supplier of choices for valued client in the construction industry. At Lifomax, we strive to supply the best product at the best price in a timely fashion, fitting the customer’s budget, needs and work schedules. As a customer – oriented organization, we are always ready to advise customer on cost-effective solutions that best meet their needs.

Our integrity, honesty and reliabilities have made us a trading house of good repute among manufacturers and dealers of building material. Our time-trusted values, coupled with the experience and expertise possessed by our people, enable us to sources quality product from various sources throughout Malaysia.

Corporate Objective

In our bid to be a leading supplier and service provider of choice in the growth industries of construction and building materials, Lifomax intends to achieve the following corporate objective:

  1. To offer widest choice, the best prices, the best services, the most workable solutions, and reliable delivery, in order to become a one stop centre and top of the mind supplier for general and wood bases building materials.
  2. To build expertise and knowledge in both general & timber based building materials, in order to carve out a dominant market share in this sector.
  3. To build a reputation for integrity and reliability and thus become the dealers and stockiest choices for manufacturer of various building materials.
  4. To enhance long term growth and increase profitability for company stakeholder.


Strong commitment on quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction and excel in industry challenges.


Lifomax Woodbuild is committed to our quest of:

Becoming a competitive leader in the building materials industry